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#208: One Breath [Oct. 24th, 2007|11:41 am]
The X Files Episode Discussion Community


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Case file: One Breath

Original Air Date: 11th November 1994

Mulder is hopeful when Scully is returned, but she remains in a coma. Mulder vows to track down the culprits, even tracking down the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by: R. W. Goodwin

MOTW/Villain(s): Sigh. The government.

"The Truth" tally: Once.

Music: score only.


Memorable quotes:

Melissa Scully: I've been told not to call you "Fox".

Byers: Good work sneaking out these charts.
Frohike: Snuck 'em in my pants.
Mulder: There's plenty of room down there.

Skinner: I called you right up here because of rumors about an incident at the hospital last night.
Mulder: Is this about the tooth that was found in the cafeteria jello?

Mulder: Oh, you can have it all, you can have my badge, you can have the X-Files, just tell me where he is.

X: Your plane ticket.
Mulder: But we barely know each other.

Melissa Scully: Why is it so dark in here?
Mulder: Because the lights aren't on.

Mulder: Brought you a present. (He takes out a video and shows it to her.) "Superstars of the Super Bowl."
Scully: I knew there was a reason to live.


Guest cast:
Full list on IMDB

BTS Facts:

  • In one take where David is running to the elevator - he caught it! he was too fast.
  • This episode has CSM's first big scene.


Possible questions to answer..

1. What do you think really happened to Scully?
2. Is this an episode that you would watch again?
3. What is your favourite thing about this episode?
4. What is your least favourite thing about this episode?


We learn about Scully's living will, and how Mulder witnessed it. They have her tombstone and her family is prepared to let her die. :(

Mulder cries.

Frohike brings flowers.

Mulder loses his gun a few times in the fights. ;)

I love all the imagery with Scully in the boat, the nurse helping her, the drifting away.

Mulder resigns! He can't live with himself that this is somehow his fault, what has happened to Scully.

Who is Nurse Owens?


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[User Picture]From: thepappabear
2008-03-07 05:51 am (UTC)
New to this. Both live journal and X files. This is a great community. I have only seen the episodes 1 time so I am limited in the detail I know. However I will say I love the fact that while in the coma she is sitting a a boat out on the water. I can relate I have always imagined that if I was in the same situation I would see myself on the water probably a slightly different boat but still on the water.
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