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#206: Ascension [Oct. 4th, 2007|06:48 pm]
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Case file: Ascension

Original Air Date: 21st October 1994

Mulder searches desperately for Scully in the wake of her abduction by Duane Barry, only to find that there may be another kind of abduction to fear..

Written by: Paul Brown
Directed by: Michael Lange

MOTW/Villain(s): Duane Barry/Allliiiiieeennnss?/Krycek and the government.

"The Truth" tally: none.

Music: score, song in Duane's car: "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.


Memorable quotes:

Margaret Scully: I knew it would happen this way. I had this dream about Dana being taken away.
I, uh... I was going to call her but I was afraid I was going to scare her. She would have laughed at me anyway. She doesn't believe in that kind of thing, you know.

Krycek: You know, Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez, Three Mile Island... they were all linked to sleep deprivation.
(Mulder looks at him for a second, then turns his attention back to the road.)
The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that over 190,000 fatal car crashes every year are linked to sleepiness.
Mulder: Did they estimate how many people are put to sleep listening to their statistics?

Cigarette-smoking Man: Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man's religion into a crusade.

Cigarette-smoking Man: You have no rights, only orders to be carried out. If you have a problem with that, we'll make other arrangements.

Man: Why are you so paranoid, Mulder?
Mulder: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because I find it hard to trust anybody.

X: There are no answers for you, Mister Mulder. They only have one policy... Deny everything.

Mulder: Who are these people who can just murder with impunity and we can't do anything about it?
Skinner: Let it go, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: Like hell.
Skinner: There's nothing you can do.
Mulder: What can you do about it?
Skinner: There's only one thing I can do, Agent Mulder. As of right now, I'm reopening the X-Files. (He stands.) That's what they fear the most.

Mulder (on Scully's cross): I found this. It's something I... I never considered about her. If she was... if she was such a skeptic, why did she wear that?


Guest cast:
William B. Davis - Cigarette Smoking Man
Nicholas Lea - Alex Krycek
Steve Railsback - Duane Barry
Sheila Larken - Margaret Scully
Full list on IMDB

BTS Facts:

  • David did all of his own stunts.


Possible questions to answer..

1. Do you believe that aliens or a government conspiracy kidnapped Scully?
2. Is this an episode that you would watch again?
3. What is your favourite thing about this episode?
4. What is your least favourite thing about this episode?


  • This one sucks.
  • It has its moments.
  • I'd watch this one again.
  • Pretty great!
  • One of the best episodes ever.
Created on October 4, 2007


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